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My friend Bonnie is a well known Artist and Educator. She’s a (famous) Surface Pattern Designer.

I can spot her work a mile away. She’s memorable.

I teach people how to grow their online sales, so when I realized that Bonnie and I have several clients in common, I was a little surprised.

Why are product business owners learning Surface Pattern Design?

And then I had a lightbulb moment. I’m so inspired by what it makes possible for us.

When you listen to this conversation I had with Bonnie about surface pattern design, you might hear my head exploding with ideas for people like us.

We could create products with a higher perceived value.

We could create a product that is exclusive to us, wildly profitable, and scalable.

Our businesses, and our products could become memorable, and that’s more valuable than any ad you’ll ever run.

PS Want to know more?

Bonnie is hosting her free Workshop, Secrets to Success in Surface Pattern Design

The workshop starts on February 13th, and it’s available to you until March 1st.

Register here, it’s Free!
Here’s a link: