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Last week I had the luxury of escaping winter and going on a 3 day retreat with some incredibly talented, successful store owners. They’re all members of my Mastermind Accelerator program.
It’s a very small group of 6 and 7 figure store owners. These women are already successful – There are 15 store owners in the Group, and the combined annual revenue of the members is close to $10Million.
Even though they have learned what it takes to find their audience and get conversions, , different stages of business have different challenges – and we spend our time together working on strategy – to get clear on what each member wants to accomplish this year, and step by step plan to get there.
Being in a room with these bright, thoughtful, generous, store owners was like having a panel of experts take a look at your business, and give you feedback and suggestions based on their real life experiences.

It was so good.

Every one of us agreed that we wouldn’t be where we are today without the support of other successful store owners who have shared with us over the years.
When I was thinking about how we could pay it forward, I thought it would be amazing if you could hear from the women in the room – in their own voices

Meet Shannon Cates: Birdmoss
A little less than 2 years ago, Shannon decided to do a hard pivot and close the business that was not scalable and completely drained her energy. She gave herself permission to turn an interest into a passion, and the birdmoss subscription box was born.
In less than 2 years, Shannon has 800 monthly subscribers who get a glimpse of a magical world when they receive their box each month.
I believe that one of the reasons Shannon has grown her box steadily is how she has removed the biggest barrier to getting a sale – the waiting. Listen and discover Shannon’s genius!

Meet Amanda Sheets: High Cotton Ties
Amanda Sheets bought her business, High Cotton Ties a few years ago.
Last year, she made big progress, and came close to doubling her sales.
Hear her best advice for all store owners, no matter what stage you’re at!

Meet Bethany Wyslomerski: Rubi and Lib
I’ve known Bethany for years. She’s incredibly successful – and humble. But the Truth is, she’s running 2 online businesses, and managing a team, and she makes it look easy.
Her tip is all about free money. I love it, because this is a strategy that scales as you grow
Grab a pen and listen in:

Meet Michelle Smith: Mama Suds
She’s so smart! Michelle shared a game changing strategy with us at our retreat, and I love her tip – because it’s such solid long term advice that keep you on track and focused.

Meet Pam Rodgers: Stella Chroma
Pam runs a six figure company, she’s a Maker, and she’s a full time Nurse Practitioner
Listen to hear her strategy for getting it all done, while growing a six figure revenue stream.

Meet Sylvie Roy: Eclair Lips
Sylvie’s sales have skyrocketed in the past 12 months. A year ago, she was up to her elbows making lip balm. Now she’s free to focus on marketing.
Today, she’s got a team. Lear how she fast tracked the training, and is setting her team up for success as they grow.

Meet Renee Hill Wood: The Comfort Company
Renee has a high volume store, with a long history of success. She has more organic traffic than anyone I know, and a solid conversion rate.
She’s a former Social worker, and I love her advice about success.

Meet Tina Bar On is a Coach in the Inner Circle
Tina leads our members success team, and, like you, she’s an ecommerce store owner.
She’s on about 50 coaching calls every month, so she has a front row seat to see what’s working for store owners now. Grab a pen – you’ll want to take some notes.

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