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Today I sat down with long time Inner Circle Member Crystal Lovelle.
Crystal is the Founder of

Besides having an amazing website, Crystal is super smart and a strategic thinker, so when she posts in our group, I listen.

A few weeks ago, I asked our Members to share their wins, and Crystal reported that her online sales are up 82% this year.
Given that it’s been a tough year for some, I wanted to know more – and Crystal gave us all a breakdown of what she had done to get those sales. I thought it would be great to share on the podcast.
But when we started chatting I realized Crystal had even more to share.

In 2022, Crystal decided to prioritize applying for Grants, both for cash and education.
And the outcome was amazing. In total she got 4 Grants. It was a game changer for her.

Listen in and hear:

  • Crystal’s process for finding Grants
  • The strategy she used to apply for grants quick and easy
  • How she turned a $5200 grant into a lasting increase in sales.

You don’t want to miss this episode – it’s pure gold.

Here’s the post that started our convo

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