This week the amazing Jane Hamill is sharing her easy peasy content strategy.

The good news: It will get you free traffic.

The better news: You’re probably already doing MOST of it – a few tweaks will get you there.

The best news: Listen in as Jane walks me through a do-able content plan for Sock Doggo.

It’s a formula that’s repeatable. Yahoo!

Grab Jane’s Cheat Sheet that will tell you exactly what to do and say, so you can start now!

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Hey there, it’s Susan Bradley, and you are on the Roadmap to 50 K because I’m building a brand new store. I’m doing it on Shopify, and I’m bringing you along for ride. And this is episode nine, and I promise you it’s gonna be one of your favorites.

Welcome to the Roadmap to 50 K on Shopify. Each week we’ll take you behind the scenes of real stores where you’re going to learn actionable strategies and tips that will fast track the growth and profitability of your e-commerce business. So buckle up, welcome your host and Shopify expert, Susan Bradley. So hello, hello, hello. I am so glad to be back and I’m excited to introduce you to a very good friend of mine.

Her name is Jane Hamel, and it’s kind of interesting because she does the same thing as I do. Can you say hi to everybody, Jane? Hey everyone. Hi guys. Thanks for having me. Oh, you’re so welcome. So I’m laughing because you know, we do, we teach, we both teach e-commerce store owners how to sell more, get more traffic and get more sales, but we do it in such a different way that we don’t have a lot of overlap in, in what we do. Jane is, well, I’m all about the numbers. Jane’s all about the feels. She is all about the feels. So we make a great combination. And recently, Jane, you came into the inner circle.

Yay. I did. Yay. Yeah, Our members loved you. And the reason I asked you to come into the Inner Circle is because really you have such a great approach to content and I actually got to see one of your trainings that you do for your members on content. And I thought, yeah, okay, I I don’t do that. You gotta come and teach our people how to do that.

And, and it’s just such a different way of thinking about it because when people ask me about content, I think, yeah, I’m not a blogger, I don’t do that. Let’s figure out how we can just use email to get more people to your site. But then when I watched your training, I was like, oh no, this is too good not to share.

And because you have such a different way of looking at content and what I took away from it is that really we’re all creating content already. We are all creating content already. Yes. And what I love about it is you came into the inner circle and you showed that, you showed our members that, that they are already creating content, but you showed them a strategy to kind of organize it and publish it so that like big light bulb moments so that it’s searchable so that it actually enables them to bring long term free traffic to their site.

That’s the goal. Tell me how, like, how long have you been preaching this content thing? I feel like four, Oh my gosh. I mean a long time, but it’s a much easier sell than it was 5, 6, 7, 9 years ago. People have drank the Kool-Aid from other people bigger than me about how content can be useful for any business, including e-commerce and that even every company is a media company to a point.

And yeah, so I I’m always trying to explain like whatever it is that you do, like, you make socks, right? I do. You, you make coffee cups, like you sell gear for outdoor hiking, whatever it is that you do. You are a marketer and a product maker and seller. And so just trying to get people get their head around the fact that they’re gonna be marketing anyway, you may as well do it with the least friction, least amount of friction and the less least amount of hassle possible and content really fits into that strategy. Cool. Cuz it’s a gift that keeps on giving Jean the way you think about content. Eliminate a lot of that. But the way I think most of us traditionally think about content is we think about,

oh crap, I have to do a blog and I have to sit down and do a blog every week, and what am I gonna talk about? And I actually don’t like writing and yada yada yada. And so when I, you know, when I first listened to your training and I’m like, oh, wait a minute here. This is not your traditional content that you’re talking about.

And it really opened my eyes to the possibility of making content work for you and making it fit in to what you are already doing. And so one of the examples you gave tell us about your client who has some relatively high-end clothing, and she was used to doing these beautiful photo shoots. Yes. Yeah. Like, so Her name is Heidi and the company’s Heidi Houston.

And she’s very cool. And her brand is all about like luxury and drinking champagne and cheers by the pool and at the Four Seasons and travel, right? So her content strategy for social and for everything was, where am I going? Like, she’s going to Africa, she’s going all over the world. Well, COVID hit right now, all of a sudden you can’t have these fancy high-end photo shoots.

She’s not taking trips. Women are not booking spa trips together anymore. Like, what the hell? And she’s like, Jane, I got no content. And so we sat down and I was like, here’s the other thing. A lot of people have standards with their content. They’re like, well, it has to be professionally shot or it doesn’t play.

And that is total bull schist. Total bull schist. So Heidi was willing to go out of her comfort zone because she had no choice, right. Covid hit, which desperation sometimes makes us, you know, the most creative. And so we just came up with an idea to be like, all right dude, put on your fancy, beautiful, flowy orange, CF tan and get out the dishes, like get in front of the dishes and, and take like, like a, like a joking 1950s housewife glam doing the chores. And she was like, you think anybody cares about that? I was like, I dunno, who knows? We dunno. You gotta do something. So she just literally got little, got dressed, she’s adorable. She got dressed, she gave her iPhone to her husband. She filled the sink up with, with fuzzy dishes and she took a picture and then she took a picture vacuuming with the house in her like beautiful outfit. And she’s like, yeah, it’s a thing. This is how we do. She took a picture of herself with the homeschooling and the kids with her like, but in the outfit, she took a picture of herself with her head down, like pounding her fist of the homeschooling and it was, it, it totally took off. People loved it. So creating content doesn’t have to be sitting down saying, what should I do today? It’s just like, what’s going on? What’s already happening in my business that can be turned into content.

What am I already doing that could be stuck on the site, stuck on the blog? And we’ll talk about that. Doesn’t have to be an article that then if somebody says, homeschooling mom, blah, blah, blah, she’s gonna come up, she’s gonna get found. Right. Instead of putting all that content on social and having 40,000 followers or 12, it’s not getting found on search engines. Right. So it isn’t working, It’s just gone. It’s here and it’s gone. Yeah. And I don’t wanna do anything once. Yeah. I mean, there is no way I’m gonna bother to do content to just use it once. Okay. Like that is, so many of us are. Yeah. Right.

So many of us are. And that’s what appealed to me so much about what you, what you were sharing with our audiences that I think that so many of my people in my inner circle for sure are focused on creating. Like we, we preach that, that you really need to have posts every day on Facebook and posts and stories on Instagram that are relatable to your audience and that will get traffic to your site with calls to action and get traffic to your site.

But what you are talking about is just taking that content and you don’t have to fancy it up and make it special. You just need to give it a home on your website and kind of make it consistent about a few consistent themes. That’s exactly what I’m preaching here. Yeah. So the ideal situation is that you post something on your blog and if you’re on Shopify or any platform, you just use the blog that comes with your site. We don’t need to have WordPress, we don’t need to say, well, someone said I have to be on WordPress because Google likes WordPress better. F that you’re a product seller first. You’re using the blog to help sell the products. Okay. So it needs a home base, it needs a, you need a platform where you can curate everything that is searchable and that’s your blog. But the blog, think about it, you guys, what’s a blog? Huffington Post is a blog. Right? A lot of people are like, well my people don’t read blogs. Oh really? They do actually. They just don’t think of ’em as like, dear diary, you know, so on the blog, your content can be two minute tips videos, it can be, it could be a podcast, it could be listicles, you know, five ways to do this, or five amazing eco-friendly jewelry designers in Williamsburg. Five amazing eco-friendly jewelry designers in Houston. Five ama like Right. It can be listicles, it can be curated content, it could be like Sock Doggles, three tips. And you have three tips every week from three dog experts. Right? So you don’t even have to do it even better if you don’t have to do it girlfriend and, and Right. Yeah. So it can be a picture diary, it could be a glorified version of what you’re already putting on Instagram.

And by glorified I simply mean like, these are the top three posts of the week with a little words, a little words, a description of whatever the picture is for some seo. That’s it. Okay. It doesn’t have to be crazy. You don’t have to be Seth Godden, you know, coming up with deep thoughts at all. Let’s say you just wanna provide some kind of value to them.

So let’s say for example, I, I make jewelry cuz we have lots of people who make jewelry, you and I. Yes. So I make jewelry and what you’re saying is quite simply, I could do the same thing on my blog as I do an Instagram. So I could perhaps do a post on Instagram about my three favorite, what did you say?

Organic jewelry makers, something like That. Yeah. Anything, something that, that relates back to your product. Yeah, I could do that on Instagram and then I could do a picture of me working in my workshop. Yeah. And then I could do a picture of something I did custom for a customer. Totally. And that all goes on Instagram.

And that could be my blog for the week, my three. Yeah. And, and just think about the stories. I really encourage you to think of storytelling. So let’s say that, that you have a picture of your studio, right? Yeah. If you just say, here I am in my studio. I mean, that’s nice, but if you say, I woke up and I was exhausted and I thought today I’m just gonna do whatever. And then I was like, oh hell, let me get in here and do like this. What’s the story behind the picture? It’s not, I mean, social media, your blog, it’s not about the beautiful pictures, even though that’s what we’re told. It’s about a story. And so I love how Gary Vaynerchuk says document don’t create. So if you think about what happened today in my business, what happened this week, what is interesting enough to say, well, somebody had this question, how do I wear these super long earrings if I have a short neck? I don’t know, like I’m making stuff up.

But like, what do I do if my fingers are pudgy? Do I have to wear big rings or can I wear these little delicate ones? Or is that just gonna be wrong? Like, what are, what is it that people are already asking you and you’re ask, you’re answering them and that you could just turn into a blog post? And again, a blog post can be three pictures and three sentences, right? It can be, it doesn’t, people ask all the time, what’s the word count, who cares? None of that matters. What matters is that it’s searchable. And when you update your site weekly, that shows Google that you’re in the game. Google wants to see consistent stuff happening on your site.

You know, how often do you update your about page? How often do you update your products? Oh, Like Nev not much like Never. Right? Right. And, but if you are, if you are updating your blog weekly that shows Google that you’re serious and then they show it to more people. So it ups your, it just ups your views.

Findability. Yeah. Your find your It Does. Your Findability Totally does. And So yeah, that’s the Technical term. Yeah. It’s, so what I’m thinking I could do literally, is I could take my one best Instagram post of the week, expand it a little bit, put it on my blog, done, Done. And you don’t even have to do that girlfriend.

You can get a virtual assistant, you can go to and look for a virtual assistant there to say, this is my strategy, this is what I wanna do. So I love to use Loom. Yeah. But Loom is just where you can make a quick video. I make explainer videos from my team or my clients and I just give them a link and I say, Hey, here’s what I wanna do. You know, play this little tape from the podcast for them. Yep. And say, here’s what I want you to do. Look at my Instagram post that got the biggest whatever, you know, you choose it or I’ll choose it for you. Yep. And turn it into a blog post. Here’s one that I just did.

Now you go do next week. Yep. Yep. That’s it. And so it gets done and it gets posted. And if you really wanna take it even further, you could use it as the basis for an email campaign. Oh, that’s, I mean, that is my suggestion for sure. Because if you can, you know, the content is kind of like the flower that attracts the bees, right? So sometimes you have new products, you have new things, you wanna blast that out and be like, you guys go buy this right now. It’s amazing. But sometimes you ain’t got nothing new to sell. And I, I feel a lot of frustration from online sellers that when they are not putting out something new, they don’t get the sales right.

And so content is a way to get consistent traffic, to have something to say. So let’s, let’s take an example of actually a jewelry designer that I work with. A kind of mine, Magdalena from N O P M N O P jewelry. She’s based in Sweden. She’s like, Jane, I don’t have time for this. Like, I do not have time.

I have two kids. I have this stuff. I got horses, I don’t have time for content. And I was like, okay, what can you do? And she’s like, I don’t want to, but I could make quick videos. And I was like, great, why don’t you go live three times a week? She’s like, dude, I can’t go live. Like I’m half the days I’m not even dressed. I’m like, okay, what can you do? So we came up with a plan to do what she calls three bad videos a week. And the bar is very low for her. She’s like, I had to get over myself. I had to just go with no makeup.

I had to go, when I was in the car, I had to just make the videos and tape them and post them. You know, they’re between 30 seconds, two minutes, five minutes, whatever. And that’s what she could do. So then the next step is to take the video. You’ve made it already. And she has her assistant put it up on the blog and write a few words about it.

And so she’s getting the benefit of being consistent on social Right. And on the Blog. Yeah. And so what her sales are about. What does she talk about on, Yeah, her sales are up five, five times this year. Wow. Last year was like, I don’t know, triple or quadruple. Like it has really worked for her.

She just batches them and tapes them. She’ll take tape three in one day. Sometimes if she doesn’t get to do it, she’ll take an old one and just repost it. She just doesn’t overthink anymore. She doesn’t care if it’s vertical, horizontal. Like she just has decided perfect is good, but done is better. So she’s not even going live, Jane? No. She’s making three recordings a week. And so what are the things that she likes to talk about on these? Well, First of all, they’re in Swedish, so I had to ask her that. Right? So she made a list for me and basically it was just, they’re perfect. She decided I have to come up with a formula.

I love formulas for content. I love it. Like 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4. So you don’t have to think. So one day a week she does, Hey, here’s a product feature. Here’s something cool, here’s how to wear it. Here’s my new thing, here’s my old thing, it’s my bestseller, whatever the next one is like tips. So it’s how to clean your jewelry with a cloth, how to, it’s a, how to take care of your jewelry, how to know what size to buy. Just anything that would be kind of on an, even like on an FAQs on your site, right? So ones straight up, I’m gonna sell you this product, let me show it to you. One’s tips. And one’s she calls random.

And then she’s just like, that’s an just kind of more an engagement video. And she’ll just talk about like, Hey, here I am in my studio. I did this. The kids are homeschooling. I’m freaking out. Are you guys entrepreneurs? Are you freaking out too? Like anything she says she’ll just connection anything. Just connection. She’ll talk about ice cream.

She doesn’t Care. Yep. Yep. Very cool. And then her assistant puts that on her blog where it lives there. Yes. And so the result for her, and does it, do they include any links back to products or, Oh, absolutely. And at the end of each post, she has a, I mean, I don’t know if she’s doing this weekly, but I I know she’s doing it. Yeah. So she, so it’ll be like, how to clean your thing, right? How to clean your jewelry. And it’ll be like, there’s always an a box, like a button at the bottom that says Shop now. So it’s some sort of call to action. Yeah. And then she takes the videos.

So the next step, so don’t worry about this right now, you guys to start doing something, but when you’re getting more sophisticated, what she’ll do is when she makes a video like how to clean this or how to to wear this, she’ll put it on the product page, she’ll put it on the FAQ page. She’ll use these videos in different places on her site.

She sends out a blog saying how to clean your thing. Like she uses ’em. I mean, sorry, she’ll send out an email with that. And she’s had great success lately with her emails. So if she did a video about how to wear the ear climber or whatever. Yeah. Like a piece of jewelry. She’s come up with a really great email structure that’s selling, which, and I’ll tell you what it is, she says, basically she’ll say how to wear an air climber, Hey guys, this is our product and this is an old product. This is not a new thing. Okay. Yeah. And she wraps it in. Here’s how so-and-so wears it here. She, she uses user-generated content and puts a few pictures in the email of other people and then she says, click here to see how to do it. And she sends them to the blog post where it says basically the same information as the email, how to wear the air climber, here’s how Jane wears it, here’s how Susan wears it, here’s how Mary wears it. Get yours here. And that is selling like crazy. Great. And she could do that for all sorts of pieces And the content’s already done.

Yeah. You know? Yeah. And her only, her only then goal is to say, Hey, you guys send me pictures of yourself. Yep. So she has those user generated pictures. Yeah. Oh, very cool. So can we talk about me? Heck yeah. Okay. So here’s what I love. I love that anything that you’re doing can be content that you’re doing on a regular basis.

I love the one thing that you’ve said that is that the content needs to be about how to help your audience, not about you necessarily. Yes. And so I love that. I love that you’ve talked about different forms of content. So it could just be videos like your, your jewelry client. It could be images and a little bit of copy, like your luxury clothing. Yep. Manufacturer, it can be just images where you Yeah. Somebody who has street wear and they have street style all over the place and they’ve hired a bunch of photographers. You talked about that in the inner circle. So I love that you can have all this different kind of content. But if you’re someone like me, so I have only one product right now.

We have more products coming. How does, how do you get started? Like what would you do? Yeah, so I looked at your site, I looked at your social, and I was like, what would I do if I took over Susan’s business for content? Oh, did You wanna, And yeah, I’m thinking of that. I’m definitely, that’s, no, I don’t wanna do it. I just wanna talk about it. Okay. But I know that you have people and I know that you’re not afraid to outsource and delegate things. So that said, you guys, what I’m, what I’m gonna explain that I would do, if I was Susan, I’m assuming she has a team. If you were super bare bones, this would probably be a little bit different. But I know that you’ll take an idea and assign it to someone and they’ll run with it and you won’t have to do it. So I’ve designed these ideas for you with that in mind. Okay. Thank you friend. Cause you’re right, I I have no time in my life to Do. Yeah. You’re not gonna do it.

Yeah. And so, and then some of you guys are like that too. And, and for some of you, I’m like, you have to be the one that does it. You have to at the beginning, but for many of you, you don’t. Okay. So I asked Susan what’s working well for her already. And then I also looked at her site and like, I saw some things that just popped for me. So she said, when they do like celebrity dogs and you feature one of the dogs and you send it out an email that gets really good open rates. It does, yeah. Gets the best open rates. Yeah. So if, if you’re gonna blog, and again, a blog doesn’t need to be a blog.

Blog. Yeah. So if you’re gonna post something on your hub, which is your blog four times, you know, every, every Thursday, let’s say, okay, I would do it like dude riff on this. Okay. Yeah. But if you, if you choose to do a strategy, do it for 90 days and then decide, okay, okay. Give it 90 days. Okay. So the first thing I would do is the celebrity dogs. Because you know, that’s working already. And people love to look at other people’s dogs. They do. I mean, totally. Yeah. And, and you know, my kids, when they were babies, their favorite book was a picture book of other babies’ faces.

Oh. Like this is humanity, this is human nature. Okay. So celebrity dogs is gonna be one. So you have 1, 2, 3, 4. So celebrity dogs is week one. The next thing I would do is you said that 60% of the people who buy from you are buying for gifts. Yes. So I would riff on that because best gifts for dog owners, best gifts for doxy owners, best gifts for corgis, for, you know, I would do brand specific or you know, breed specific. Probably, you know, if you did that, that would only be 12 times a year. So that’s only 12 breeds. You don’t have to do breed specific. You can do best gift for dogs. But I would do best gifts for the dog owner who has everything.

Okay. Best gifts for, for spoiled dogs, you know, whatever like that, that searchable. I Was gonna say, that’s so searchable, right, Jane? Yeah. So yeah, and you may even wanna do it as a query post where you say, what is the best gift for a dog who has everything? That could be the, the title or that’s the subtitle, the subheader, whatever. Okay. The next thing I would do is, while it’s not, Oh, can I just, the clarifying question. Of course. Yeah. I talk fast. Include, Do I include my socks in those gifts? Oh God, yeah. Oh hundred percent. So maybe, maybe you wanna do best gifts for whatever and you know, it’s been four weeks since you did a best gifts. So even if best gifts for whatever are all like best dog beds for dogs, and you list the dog beds, PS every dog owner needs this. So even if you, you for some reason don’t wanna list yourself as one of the best gifts, which I think you should, it’s gotta be in the ps.

Okay. Okay. Thank you. If your dog’s getting cozy on the dog bed, you need to get cozy too. Bye. Them socks. They’re so cute. Here you go. Yeah. So definitely link back to your product and feature your product a hundred percent. And it doesn’t matter, like a lot of people list theirs last. You can list it first.

Look, I’m not gonna do a best gift thing without saying my socks, cuz I do think they’re the best. Let’s go. Next one is another brand. And I would really encourage you to think about featuring a brand that is bigger than you, but not too big that they don’t care. Right. You are really hoping, if you’re listed in best get dog gifts, you’re really hoping you reach out. You let these guys know, Hey, I featured you. You let ’em know a couple times. If they don’t repost it, they don’t have to. You can DM them, you can email them, whatever. You can just tag ’em. They don’t have to. And you don’t wanna assume that they will. But it would be a nice thing, right? Yeah. Yes. Okay. In the same vein, you could do. So when it comes to getting searchable, the third strategy is also for that best tip for blank. So I’m not, I don’t own a dog. I had a dog when I was a kid, so I don’t know. Yeah. I can’t give you a specifics of like what dog owners go through.

But like for instance, if it’s a dachsund, they always have problems with their backs. Yeah. Right. Actual issues. And so you could reach out to influencers, people who have influence over your client’s buying decisions and get, what’s your best tip for caring for your dog’s teeth? What’s your best tip for blah, blah, blah, blah. And the way to do it would be hopefully you’re just kind of being pinging and active on social media and you get to know some of these people a little bit.

But, but another idea, and I think, I think I learned this on Pat Flynn’s podcast where he said is you, I mean there’s a gazillion dog lover Facebook groups, I mean a gazillion. And they have, oh, we’ve been in them. Oh yeah, you’re in them. That’s good. Oh. So they have hundreds of thousands of, of people in there and they’re a captive audience. So if you go and you find a dog group for black labs, okay. And you, you can see the administrators, whether you’re in the group or not, you can DM the administrators one of them or two of them and say, Hey, I love what you’re doing. You have a cool group, I’m Sock Doggo. And we would like a quote from you for an article. You obviously have this cool group, you know things about dogs, what’s your best tip for blank? And that’s kind of a roundup post. And you get 2, 3, 4, whatever from people who will ideally share it. Share it. Because Yeah. And a good example of this is a client of ours, Tiffy from Baby Teeth, t e I T h. Totally great brand. If you have like a punk goth rock, you know, woman Mo, it’s like for kids it’s like, it’s like moms who love music and being cool. Yeah. And tattoos. Tattoos. She did an article How to Keep the Romance Alive After Kids. And she just got quotes from four influencers.

Right. And she posted pictures of their Instagram, a picture of them on Instagram from Instagram. She screenshotted it, she posted the quote and the link back. And one of the, and I’m, I mean they’re micro influencers. I’m not saying you need Kim Kardashian. Right. But somebody said, Hey, I’m in this article on Baby T’s site, check it out. She just posted one time on Instagram and Tiffy got a thousand hits to her site that day. A thousand. Amazing. Yeah. So that can really work to get you traffic. Yeah. And then the last thing I would do for you, since you do have a mission with your business and a social enterprise is Yes, I do.

You, you have a great picture of the women in Turkey hand knitting the socks, which is insanely cool. They’re not hand knitting the socks, but I do have the, Okay. I was like, how can you charge those prices? Okay, got it. Whatever they’re doing. Yeah. These you are working with women in Turkey and giving them jobs.

Yeah. And you’re doing something super. Yeah. And it’s my mission to employ a hundred women full-time within three years. Come on. Yeah. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It’s going to be amazing. And so what I would do is once a month I would do a feature on one of the women. Oh Yeah. So I would go, I mean there’s this show on Netflix.

My friend was telling me where they have whatever, this is an idea that came from a show. Yeah. Basically they say Meet Mary. And I think the, the people are all on the spectrum and they’re dating. Okay. And have you seen this show? I’ve seen, I haven’t watched it, but I’ve seen it on the, you know, recommended for you. I hear it’s great. So what they do is they put up, here’s Mary, Mary likes, doesn’t like, and you know, people on the spectrum have some quirky likes. Yeah. Doesn’t likes, but I’m fa I wanna know what they like and don’t like for everybody. Right? Ooh. So if you featured one of the women in Turkey, you’d say, hey, here’s so-and-so. She has three kids, she likes this kind of ice cream. Doesn’t like this, likes, doesn’t like, I just think it’s a cute idea. Go deep in the women, mention your mission again. Show the socks, click here to buy the end. It’s spreading the word about what you’re doing. It’s real, it’s storytelling and it’s super press worthy. Jane, this has been worth every penny of your first training. That’s also smart. Yeah. So I am gonna have to listen to this because I’m so busy listening. I didn’t write down. But what you did is you just picked out the things that are, that we already know. You took the clues, what we already know. And then you, you talked about how I can make four weeks of content for my blog, but I can also use that for my email. I can use it for my social media and it’s what I can become known for, which is yes. Amazing. Yes. And you will get press when people hear about your social enterprise.

You’ll be asked to be on shows, you’ll be asked to be on podcasts. And you guys can’t see this, but I’m laughing cuz when you first mentioned, Hey Jane, why don’t you come up with a strategy for me? I was like, that’ll be super fun. And then as soon as I realized I had to come up with a strategy on live on Air, I was like, holy sheel, what am I gonna do? So I just wrote ’em down on a post-it and I’m showing this star post if these are your first strategies. And I think they’re great. That’s, They’re great. So, oh yeah, I’m thrilled. So I just have to tell you, you know, because we talk all the time, you and I we’re kind of, you know, we wish we lived closer so we could sit in our pajamas on, on the couch, but Absolutely Right because we, we, you know, I don’t, I can’t think of everything. You can’t think of everything. But here’s what I wanna say to you that I love about what you told me is that I had this aha moment earlier this week that I am really struggling.

And so for any of you listening to this that really struggling with crap to talk about, rather than coming out one more time and saying, buy my socks and here’s another way to buy my socks and buy my socks. As you know, I’ve just had this one product for like eight months. And so it’s, it’s really been a struggle. We are bringing in more breeds now, but it’s been a, been a struggle. And so I just had this light bulb moment before you did the training in the inner circle that, you know, what I’m gonna do is I am actually going to get, I have a couple of connections that have a with Chens, one of them is Claire from one of your clients. The other one is Mark From Bean Goods.

Yeah, yeah. The other one is Mark from American Doxy. And I am actually going to be part of their affiliate program and I’m going to use an email once a month with my favorite picks gifts for doxy lovers. But I never thought of making that a blog. That’s brilliant, right? Brilliant. Yes. Yeah, no, that’s totally brilliant.

Yeah. And to be an affiliate is, I mean, yeah, why not? Yeah. If you give in the products, yeah, Yeah. It’s a different income stream. It helps support them. It’s exactly what my clients are interested in, yada, yada, yada, yada yada. Anyway, that’s all I got. Pretty good though. If Anyone can do that, you know, anyone can do that. Yes. But you like, I just had that thought. You just like helped me understand how I could take it even further. Same with being in Facebook groups. We have, we have managed to get admin permission in Facebook groups to get their audience to vote on particular patterns of socks so that we kind of hedge our bets so we already know which things people like and which ones they don’t like.

And really helped us a lot with all these other breeds. But now we could go back and say quick, you know, ask permission again, but quick, what are your top tips for, you know, food that you’re dash, dash and likes or what, I don’t know, whatever. I’ll think of some Stuff. Yeah. But again, those groups are a great resource for us, but they’re also our perfect clients. Yes, yes. And we don’t have to be like, you know, the most groups don’t want you selling your stuff in there. Fair enough. Oh totally. Yes. And then if you even did like a din checklist or any of those things, like a digital download to support your physical products, that really works.

Yes. Love it all. Listen, so you have, so we have to wrap it up here after my husband finally left the house. So all the walking over my head is gonna be, I didn’t hear it. You’re good. But we do Have to wrap it up here. But listen, you gave our members this amazing document, like this amazing handout that was what to say because a lot of people like me,

you know, we, we know all the things when it’s somebody else’s business, but when it’s ours, we really struggle with what to say. And you are generously going to give it to the podcast audience too. Totally. Yes. Yes. So guys, if you want Jane’s handout, just head on over to my website, the social sales

I believe the page you’re looking for is slash podcast. But you’ll see podcast right in the menu. If you hit the homepage, look for episode nine and there will be a link for you to go ahead and get your copy of Jane’s Handout. Very good of you to share with my friend. So let’s, oh yeah, if people wanna hear more from you.

I mean, I didn’t even get you to tell everybody what you do, tell everybody what you do and where they can find you. Yeah, So I, I teach creative entrepreneurs how to get and keep customers focusing mostly on content marketing and email marketing and a lot of e-commerce people, some like coaches, authors, different types of entrepreneurs as well. And I have a membership program called List Builders where we just focus on getting you a list of quote unquote qualified people who will buy from you qualified.

All people are qualified, we just mean people who are actually gonna purchase the right people. Yeah, yeah. So yeah, if you wanna hang out and get tips and do more of what we’re doing here, you can find [email protected] and jane will give you like some little things, places to get started. Perfect. Yeah. Listen my friend, thank you so much.

Thank you so much for the training that is a part of our inner circle now. Those lessons are amazing. I really appreciate it and thank you so much for always supporting me in my business and taking the time to show up here on Friday morning. I don’t know what you do with your kids, but thank you. You know what? They’re fine. You know enough Benadryl will keep them sleeping until two, 3:00 PM Joking, people. Joking. Listen, teenagers, they’re good. I so appreciate it. I will see you soon. Thank you for all the sharing you’ve done with our group this week. Really appreciate it. Thank you Susan. I’m super lucky to know you. I really am appreciate.

Oh, I feel the same way. See you soon. Bye. Bye Guys. Hey, listen, if you like what we’re working on here at the Roadmap to 50 K and it’s helping you get clarity on your next steps, I think you really have to check out our inner circle. You know, it is just an amazing place to learn how to build your business the right way.

And you get to do it with a wonderful group of store owners that support each other and will cheer you on. You know, in the Inner circle. Our only purpose is to help our members get results. And because of that, we actually have dedicated coaches that are fully trained and available to work one-on-one with you. And we offer that to our members at crazy affordable prices because I know that sometimes you just need a little extra help to get past a roadblock so that you can move on and make progress again.

So if this sounds good to you, I want you to head on over to the social sales circle and get on the wait list. We will send you a lesson so that you can see what’s waiting for you on the inside. And we’ll also invite you to join us the next time we are open to take new members. So listen, friends, that’s all, thank you so much for spending your time with me and I will see you next week.