Today I want you to meet my friend Ciara Stokeland. She is a Profit First Expert, AND she’s built and sold a successful Product based business, so she “gets” us.

We’re talking about how Product Based Business owners like us, can really struggle with managing our inventory and have Cash Flow issues all the time, even though our sales are growing.

What you’ll love about this chat is that Ciara will flip the conversation in your head every time you’re short on cash.

Listen in and transform the conversation in your head from: “I can’t pay off my credit card, I’m really bad at this”

To: “I can’t pay off my credit card because of (reason) and here’s how I’ll change that going forward so I feel in control again.”

What I love most about this episode is that it will help you understand that cash flow struggles are Normal and Fixable.

Once you know what you can do to manage your inventory and your cash, you’ll instantly feel better. Promise.

Grab Ciara’s free Profit First For Retail Masterclass:

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The stress free content plan that built a huge audience. Episode 190

The stress free content plan that built a huge audience. Episode 190

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