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I see you working hard building your audience, your list, and your traffic.

I know that when you hear that cha-ching from your Shopify App it re-ignites the fire under your rear – it reminds you that it is possible to get the sales you’ve been dreaming of.

And it makes you want to do more!

In Today’s episode, I’m going to help you by sharing 8 Events you can use to get sales now.
Grab a pen and take some notes. I promise that more than one of these strategies will work for you.

Here’s a reminder of the four things you should do when you’re running an Event:

  1. Give people a reason to buy – doesn’t have to be a sale
  2. Make the offer your only message – what’s the one message you want people to hear?
  3. Share your message in multiple places – remember you have to reach people where they are
  4. Share the message 10 times more than you think you should

Go all out on one of these and you’ll hear that cha-ching!

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