What would you say if I told you about 5 quick wins that could be the foundation for your future success?

In my final podcast of 2020, I’ve put together a list of quick wins to help you reach your goals faster.

After you listen, create a plan, and break it into action steps. Then, get it on your calendar, because really, you can do it all in one day a week!

Here are the quick wins, in order!

Episode #1 Why you’re not getting results (Apple Podcast/Spotify)

Episode #31 This is the game changer – Have you done this (Apple Podcast/Spotify)

Episode #2 How to have a business that pays you well (Apple Podcast/Spotify)

Episode #10 A simple content plan that will get you traffic (Apple Podcast/Spotify)

Episode #4 25% of my sales from this one strategy (Apple Podcast/Spotify)

Listen in to my final 2020 episode and you’ll walk away with a clear vision of where you are in the big picture, and the work you need to do to make the most progress in 2021.


The $500/hour job you’re not doing. Episode 110

The $500/hour job you’re not doing. Episode 110

What? There’s a job in my business that’s worth $500/hour?Yes, there really is, and in this episode I’m talking about that mega high value work.My Inner Circle Members talk often about how they are stuck doing the $15/hour work, but what about the high value work?The...

How to STOP the overwhelm and get on the right track Episode 109

How to STOP the overwhelm and get on the right track Episode 109

A few weeks ago I was working with a small group of smart, successful clients and something happened that literally stopped me in my tracks. It was one of those moments where a lightbulb goes on and you see the piece of the puzzle you have been missing. Duh. We were...