Recently I hosted a Weekend Retreat for some of our higher volume Members.

We spent some time talking about scaling our sales and talked about some of the best ways to scale your sales and grow your profit at the same time.

It’s exciting to think about what’s possible, and actually see a clear path to reach our goals, but before you dive in and think about scaling your sales, there are 3 things you should do to make sure your explosive growth doesn’t turn into a dumpster fire.

I’ve been able to scale my own store’s sales profitable, and in the last few years, I’ve watched several of our clients grow their sales to 7 figures and beyond.

Here’s what happens first:

  • They set up a marketing plan for Reliable Revenue using automations, and Predictable Revenue by creating marketing events they can repeat.
  • They get their financial house in order. They know their numbers, they’re profitable, and they pay themselves, even if it’s not as much as they’d like.

And lastly,

  • They make room to grow by outsourcing some of the work they do, even though they might not feel ready. By bringing others in to help with the work, they create the time and space to grow their sales.

Listen in as I break it down and show you how you can prepare yourself to scale your sales this year.


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