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In this episode of the eCommerce Roadmap I sat down with our Member Success Coach, Tina Barron. She’s a fellow ecommerce store owner, and she’s an amazing resource. As Tina leads our team of specialized coaches, her focus is to ensure that every member has what they need to find success while enrolled in our course + community.

In this episode we wanted to talk about what’s coming for The Social Salesgirls in 2024, and what we’re doing to help our members pile up wins this year.

Tune in HERE or keep reading to see how we can help you make this year your best yet.

New Year, New Focus

At the end of last year, our team took a little retreat to set the stage for what we’re delivering to our members this year. We really took stock of what’s been working, what our members need, and most importantly, how to scale these strategies effectively. And we all agreed that this year is about giving our members the right tools and guidance to amplify their results.

New & Improved Trainings

This year, we are introducing several new training modules to the classroom. One that we’re particularly excited about is from one of our ecommerce coaches Melissa, and it’s all about organic strategies to drive traffic. Melissa’s fuss-free organic posting strategy emphasizes the power of consistency and community over costly ads, and her results have been nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Another training we’re adding this year is on creating high-converting product pages. After all the hard work of building an audience and driving them to your website, the last thing you want is to lose them at the product page. This new training will offer a formula to overcome any potential customer objections, so your product pages are as compelling as possible. And you don’t have to be tech-y to create them!

You Can’t Control What You Don’t Track and Measure

The heart of our course, since 2017, has always been to focus on numbers and stats. And the whole reason we do that is so that we stay out of our feelings because numbers don’t lie.

They don’t say, I’m a big loser and everything I’m doing is wrong. They show you exactly where you are today, so that you can make a plan to go forward. 

But this year we are really doubling down on tracking and measuring. Understanding your sales funnel and knowing where to focus your attention is critical. And this month we released our new Excel tracker, which members can use to track their progress monthly. Even if you’re not a numbers person” or Excel sheets make your head hurt, this tool really makes it so simple to plug in your numbers and track your progress. It really is fail-proof.

How Many Eyeballs Are You Getting On Your Site?

One of the most critical (and critically un-discussed,) factors in e-commerce success is visibility. No matter how great your product or website is, if people don’t see it…you won’t get sales. This year, we’re re-emphasizing ‘Ads Made Easy’, a program designed to demystify social media ads and help you achieve significant results with minimal investment. We sometimes joke that we should call the course “Ads Made Easy AND CHEAP” because most people are amazed how little they need to spend to reach a big audience.

We often get a little myopic and spend too much of our time on the bottom of our sales funnel (getting actual sales) at the expense of filling that funnel. But having a huge pool of people see your products at the top should be mission critical. So this year we’re shifting the focus to building a large audience, and our new Ads Made Easy course will focus on the most potent of all content – video ads. Even if you’ve done Ads Made Easy before, you really should come and do it again for the video unit.

Marketing First: Repeatable Strategies That Make Sales

The marketing cycle shouldn’t be complicated. Our approach is about creating mini campaigns – simple, effective emails sent weekly to keep your audience engaged. These mini campaigns are coupled with monthly events, providing customers a compelling reason to make a purchase. It’s not always about discounts; sometimes, it’s about creating excitement and novelty. Our ‘Get Sales Now’ unit is packed with these event templates, making it easy for Inner Circle members to execute successful campaigns.

The Importance of Time and Focus

In the realm of e-commerce, your most valuable resources aren’t your products or your website; it’s your time and focus. The success of your store depends on how you utilize these resources. In the Inner Circle, we provide a structured approach to make the most of your time, guiding you on what to work on and when. It’s about being selective and concentrating on impactful activities that drive your business forward.

The Power of Community and Support

One of the most remarkable aspects of the Inner Circle is the community. E-commerce can be a solitary journey, but within our community, members find support, advice, and encouragement. From sharing success stories to helping troubleshoot problems, the sense of belonging and mutual growth is what makes the Inner Circle special.

Our Coaching Dream Team

With nearly 3,000 calls made in 2023 alone, our team of 10 coaches brings an unmatched depth of knowledge. Covering everything from SEO to Google Analytics and Klaviyo mastery, our coaches are seasoned e-commerce store owners themselves, offering practical, firsthand advice. Whatever you might be stuck on, there’s a coach ready to help you find clarity and direction.

Because we see recurring patterns seen across different stores, regardless of product or niche, it’s easy for us to see what’s going on and where the hang ups might be. We are almost always able to identify issues and provide actionable advice in just a half-hour session.

A lot of our members even schedule regular coaching sessions that go beyond problem-solving, so their coaches can gain a deeper understanding of their unique businesses. When you find the right coach you resonate with, and you are working consistently with them, they become your business ally, guiding you through different stages and even directing you to other experts within our network when needed.

The Journey with Reliable Revenue

‘Reliable Revenue’ is our flagship course, designed to teach you how to bring in consistent sales organically. It’s about understanding your business deeply, setting up automations, and creating a marketing plan that results in predictable sales. This course doesn’t just set you up for temporary success; it’s about building a sustainable, thriving business.

Looking Forward to a Year of Growth

As we embark on this year, our focus is clear: to provide our members with the tools, training, and support they need to succeed. Whether it’s through personalized coaching, strategic training modules, or the supportive community, every aspect of the Inner Circle is geared towards empowering e-commerce store owners to reach new heights.

Join Us on This Exciting Journey

If you’re an e-commerce store owner looking to grow your business, the Inner Circle is where you need to be. With dedicated coaches, a supportive community, and a wealth of resources, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Check out the show notes for links to the podcast episodes with Melissa’s strategies, and get on the waitlist for the ‘Reliable Revenue’ course to receive a free mini-course. Remember, in the world of e-commerce, you’re not alone. Join us in the Inner Circle, and let’s achieve incredible success together.

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No time to listen now? We'll send it to your inbox. No time to listen now? We'll send it to your inbox. or scroll down to get the highlightsReady to get more organic traffic? Get on the waitlist for our new Course, SEO...