Traffic Bootcamp will make you feel like you can control your sales.

Even If you’re a new store owner, you’ll learn how to find the right people and get them to visit your website for a price you can afford.

Even if you’re a seasoned store owner, you’ll learn how to grow your traffic and your sales without blowing your budget. You’ll do it in a strategic way that will keep you profitable.

It works for one simple reason.

You’re going to learn what works for your business.

It’s not the complicated ad systems that the “Gurus“ teach.

It’s a testing strategy that will get you super clear on what works for you.

In Traffic Bootcamp you learn what’s going to work for you. Using a tiny budget so that when you’re ready to invest in really moving the needle, you already know what works.

You won’t waste a dime. You’ll get more traffic and you’ll spend less. Way less.

Imagine how you’ll feel when you’re getting more qualified people coming to your site, at a fraction of the cost others are paying.

We’re working on Traffic Bootcamp in the Inner Circle this month.

I’m using my new business, Sock Doggo to show our members how the process really works.

Traffic Bootcamp is a series of tests.

We’re testing variables so that we can find the perfect combination of creative, audiences, and placements.

And we do it because the perfect combination will get us the best-qualified people to visit our sites for the lowest price.

My business is brand new, so I’m starting from scratch.

My goal is to be able to drive great quality traffic to my site for less than $0.35 a visit.

Here are the results of the very first ad test I set up on week #1:

I learned a lot from my results on week #1.

And then I took what I learned and used it to try and get better results on my week #2 test.

And here’s what happened:

And then this:

You can see I’m close to my goal of $0.35 clicks.

But, I still have work to do.

I’m looking look forward to improving my results again in Week #3.

And I know I’ll reach my goal because I’ll keep testing until I get it dialed in.

Then I’ll be ready to increase my spend and drive the traffic I need to get the sales I want.

Why are we so confident that Traffic Bootcamp will change everything?

Because when you take the time to learn how to get affordable, quality traffic to your site, you’ve mastered the first step. You’re on the way to controlling your sales.


1000 visitors at $2.49 a visit would cost me $2490.

1000 visitors at $0.39 a visit would cost me $390.

See where I’m going with this? I want to pay even less…

And I see results like this over and over:

I’m working on this right now with our members in the Inner Circle.

Not a member? You can still do Traffic Bootcamp.

Start now, and in a few short weeks, you’ll have clarity about how you can get the results you want. Just in time for the holidays.

Imagine the feeling you’ll have when you’re having a slow week, and you actually know what you can do to turn it around?

Do you really want to keep trying everyone else’s strategies when you are just a few steps away from creating your own strategy?

But, don’t wait.

Get started on creating your own strategy today.

Are you interested in getting weekly traffic and sales tips in your inbox?

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