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Recently I shared a house with one of my Business besties, Sarah Williams, the Founder of Launch your Box.

We’ve been friends for years, we both have a product based business background, and we serve a similar customer in our service businesses.

Sarah teaches people how to successfully launch and grow a Subscription Box, and she also has a 7 figure product based business that includes thousands of people who subscribe to her box offerings.

I teach online Owners how to get sales and grow businesses that pay them well. I sold my high volume online store two years ago and started a new store from the ground up.

One night at the house, we were both working on our shops, and we had an amazing conversation about the contrast between our businesses, the time we spend working, the tasks we perform, and how we feel about our businesses.

At the end of our conversation, we were both convinced that we should share the high points with you because as we talked it through, it was clear that you should know these – they’re like the secrets to growing a business you love without losing your way or your mind.

Grab a coffee, and a pen and listen in. I think you’ll walk away feeling like you’ve got this!

You can hear more from Sarah on her Podcast:
The Launch your Box Podcast

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