You’ll want to listen to today’s episode because it could have a big impact on your sales – so come join me and find out if you’re doing this thing that I think is the kiss of death.

I’m talking about asking people to make decisions and email marketing, and how you can get more people clicking through your emails and actually landing on your site.

For the last few weeks, I’ve been knee deep in calls. Office Hours with my Mastermind Group, and Strategic Planning Workshops with a second small group.

Here’s what I’ve noticed, and why it’s important to you:
We have multiple products that we want to share with our audiences. Sometimes they have multiple variations, like colors, or they’re bundled, or they come in different sizes.

And we want to make sure that our audience is aware that they have choices.
We want to increase the likelihood that they will make a purchase.

But here’s what we don’t realize – it takes only seconds for someone to be overwhelmed, and not be clear on what they might want.

They’re probably busy, on their phone, and they decide they’ll figure out what they want later – or they decide they’re not interested enough to invest the time to get clarity.

So they leave – and as you know, most don’t come back.

Grab a pen, and take some notes. You’ll want to test this strategy for getting more clicks on every email you send!

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You should focus on this one thing for long term growth. Episode 178

You should focus on this one thing for long term growth. Episode 178

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