Our Inner Circle member Shatreka is a busy mom of two young boys.

And she has a full-time job.

And she has an online shop where she sells beautiful clothes for women who love to look great but don’t have much time to shop.

Every now and then, Shatreka pops a big win into our Inner Circle Facebook group.
(Our members are the best at sharing!)

A few weeks ago, Shatreka shared her latest strategy.

She doesn’t have a lot of time to work on her store each day, so she’s come up with a simple two-step plan that she can execute consistently and reach her sales goals every week.

Her plan is brilliant because she’s making the most of every minute she’s working on her business.

It’s so smart, I knew we needed to get all the details so that others could do this too.

Watch this short video and learn:

  1. Shatreka’s strategy to get new products launched fast… every week
  2. How she builds a growing list of people who are waiting to buy
  3. How she does more sales in a single morning than most stores do in a week

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