Who’s hitting the ground running this September? Check out this month’s calendar:

🚦 September 4th (1pm EDT) – Traffic Bootcamp Session 5

Join us for the last day of Traffic Bootcamp! We will answer all of your final questions so that you can make sure you are on the right track.


🎬 September 6th (1pm EDT) – LIVE 15 Minute Feedback

Mel Fisher of Fisherstyle is a designer at heart. Join us in the Shopify Traffic Bootcamp August 2018 Facebook Group for a live strategic conversation about how she can pivot her current business and earn a full-time income by doing more of what she really loves. It’s going to be fun!


🚦 September 10th – Traffic Bootcamp closes

Even though Traffic Bootcamp is officially closed you will still have full access to all of the Traffic Bootcamp Lessons in Level 3 of your classroom.


🎒 September 11th (10am EDT) – New Inner Circle member orientation, live in the Inner Circle Facebook Group.


🤓 September 11th – Tour of the Classroom and new Conversion School!

This tour is recorded and will be emailed to you, and it will also be available in the group.


🆘 September 21st (11am EDT) – Live Walk-In Clinic Q+A

Do you need a little extra help? This is your opportunity to get all of your questions answered. Join us live in the Inner Circle Facebook Group so that we can get you the help you need.

If you can’t join us live, post your questions in the Inner Circle Facebook Group using hashtag #walkinclinic, or send us an email. We’ll make sure you get your answer.


 September 26 (3pm EDT) – Live Planning Session with Susan and Jasmine

Are you ready to get more sales now? Join Susan and Jasmine for this Live Planning Session so that you can set yourself up for success.

For this Live Planning Session you will need a mic and speakers. Video is optional.

This session will be recorded and will be in the Classroom, Level 4