Listen till the end to hear Sile’s sales results!

Do you ever talk yourself out of running an event to get sales because you have a whole list of reasons why it won’t work for you?

“Susan Bradley, thank you for the amazing training”

My Secret Sale kicked off at 7am this morning and I’ve already got €376 worth of sales. I know that doesn’t sound like much to many of you but that’s literally the most I’ve made in months, and my email list is teeny tiny. Doing this one event has grown my list from 17 to 40.

Sile (pronounced Shelia)  joined the Inner Circle a month ago, and she’s just learning to build her audience and get traffic to her site.

We all need sales, even when we’re starting to grow, right?

Sile grabbed a lesson from  “Get Sales Now” in her classroom, and implemented it fast using the scripts and templates that were provided. She got her event launched, grew her email list, and had an incredible boost in sales.

You can see Sile’s site here:

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