What if I told you that we have a member in our Inner Circle that only had an idea for a business when he joined us 5 months ago?

And then what would you say if I told you that within 2 months of joining the Inner Circle, he put together and executed a launch plan that brought him enough revenue to fund his production and his marketing?

Pretty genius, right?

Join Nicholas and me to hear how he:

  • Convinced himself (and his wife) to join the Inner Circle before he had a business
  • Used the Inner Circle Facebook Group to create an amazing launch plan
  • Had sales at his launch that will make you pay attention!

It’s 12 minutes of pure gold – you might even have to watch twice!

Ready to start getting the results you want?

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Your Membership Includes:

A Private Classroom

  1. Traffic Bootcamp – where you’ll learn how to consistently drive traffic to your site
  2. Conversion School – where you’ll convert web visitors into customers
  3. Marketing Mastery – your “Training Buffet” to use for sales Events

A Members Only Facebook Group

Monthly Planning Sessions – where you’ll map out a plan to get sales every month

Walk-in Clinic Q+A – where we’ll answer your pressing questions

Support you can count on – the whole Wee Squeak team will answer your questions

Business Besties – a whole crew of like-minded people, working on common goals

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