Come with me behind the scenes at my company, Wee Squeak. (update: sold in 2019)

It’s our first ever Monday Traffic Report.

I’ve decided to do one every Monday as a result of my recent Epic Fail.

Things have been going well this year, but in the past few weeks, our sales have been in decline. Last week, it got to the point where I had a minor meltdown, and I realized I had to stop what I was doing, dig deep, and figure out what was going on, and get it fixed.

Turns out, it was Traffic. Hard to believe at my stage of business, I would miss this, but I’m here to tell you, it happens to all of us. We get busy, and we forget that nothing happens in e-commerce without Traffic.

So, I decided that the best thing I could do to prevent this from happening again was to commit publicly to doing a deep dive every week. (kind of like going public when you’re on a diet, lol)
I’ll show you what hapened, and tell you what I did to get more traffic.

I hope that you can learn from my journey and apply some of the strategies I use to increase your own traffic.

Join Susan for the Monday Traffic Report where she walks you behind the scenes of Wee Squeak, showing you the website traffic from last week, and what she did that drove the most traffic so you can take those strategies and apply them to your business.

Because we all know that you can’t get sales without traffic, right?

Are you interested in getting weekly traffic and sales tips in your inbox?

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