You spoke, we listened! Thanks so much to everyone who responded to the survey. We’ve made some changes to Reliable Revenue based on your feedback.

We’ve moved the Implementation Session and Office Hours to later in the month, giving you a chance to work on your lesson for a little longer. We’ve also added an additional Office Hours with Susan and will be providing Monthly Checklists with your lessons. Hooray!

Here’s what’s happening in Reliable Revenue this month:

March 4th (12pm – 1:30pm EST) – Live Lesson + Workshop

Live Lesson – 12pm – 12:30pm EST
Q+A – 12:30pm – 1:00pm EST
Planning Session – 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST

March 13th (3pm EST) – Implementation Session with Jasmine

March 19th – Office Hours with Claudia (9pm EST)

March 21st – Office Hours with Susan (1pm EST)

March 28th – Office Hours with Susan (5pm EST)

** Please note updated time to accommodate UK/Australia.