Makers, and Designers, this is for you!

Today you’ll meet Joanne Litz, a long-term Inner Circle Member who has successfully moved her Fashion Business online and set herself up to scale.

Joanne is a Fashion Designer and CoFounder of her label Steel Pony.

Like most Creatives, Joanne loves the experience of making a beautiful product that people buy.

Over the years, she’s been able to move a significant part of her sales from wholesale and in-person to Direct to Consumer on her website.

Here’s the part of the story you’ll love:

Over the past few years, Joanne has been able to scale her online sales in a way that feels good, allows her to still be creative, and doesn’t keep her stuck behind a sewing machine.

In fact, she’s created a process that made room for her to work from the beach four days a week!

I asked Joanne to share her “formula” with all of you. I know it will open your eyes so you can see a path to getting the income you want, and the lifestyle you’ve been craving!

See Joanne here:


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