It’s the end of the Roadmap to $50K.
A few months ago, Sock Doggo quietly crossed the $50,000 mark. 

As I celebrated (in my mind) I started thinking about next steps, and how I could share the key takeaways with you in a format that would help you grow your business.

When I started this project, the outcome I wanted the most was to share what it takes to get your first $50K in sales when you’re a solo entrepreneur.

When you don’t have unlimited time and unlimited funds.

It’s important, because we’re surrounded by a culture that celebrates the big wins, and defines success by sales alone. 

When you’re working by yourself, and your business is growing in baby steps, it’s not hard to feel like you’re failing when you’re measuring your progress against someone’s big win.

I wanted you to see what’s normal for most people. 

I wanted to show you what worked the best to get sales without spending a fortune.

My goal was to give you the information, and leave you with a strategy that you could apply to your business. If you’re working on your first $50K, or your first $500K.

Come listen.

I’ll share the numbers, the cost, and exactly what work resulted in the most sales.


Not seeing the results you want yet? Come spend 40 mins with me and I’ll show you how to get sales every day:


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