Byron Francis is an amazing guy with a mission.

He’s the founder of, a non profit that helps under represented teens have a study abroad experience.

World Smart relies on grants to fund their projects. Recently, Byron started a Print-on-Demand T-Shirt shop to bring more income into World Smart, so that they can help more kids.

Byron volunteered for 15-Minute Feedback because he hasn’t been able to find a good target for his Facebook ads.

Once we got talking, we realized that targeting isn’t really the problem. Byron hasn’t sold many T Shirts, because he hasn’t been able to find his ideal customer.

Listen in to our conversation and see:

  • Why I think Byron should Pivot now.
  • How he can find his ideal client by changing his messaging
  • The 3 things he can do to get the ball rolling

Lastly, see why I think this project is so important that I’m putting my money where my mouth is and will support it financially.