This week, I’m taking you behind the scenes and sharing the details of my next collaboration at Sock Doggo.

Here’s why that’s important for you:

It doesn’t cost you anything upfront.

The ROI is usually much better than any paid marketing you will ever do.

AND every one of you can do this too.

In fact, collaborations are so profitable, that I’m creating training on how to do this for our Inner Circle members.
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Today I’m sharing:

→ The secret to finding great people to collaborate with, it’s a simple trick. The key is to find a partner who already has an audience of BUYERS, not FOLLOWERS. You’ll have a massive advantage if you collab with people who have an audience that is used to them making offers.

→ The key to making it a win/win for both of you. Make sure that there is value ‘in it’ for both businesses. In most cases, a financial incentive or a reciprocal arrangement works best.

→ A step by step walkthrough of my next collaboration. Watch the video to see a step by step of how we’ll be rolling out a great Collaborative event. You’ll meet the amazing Claire Wolfson and hear about her uber-successful Brand Rep program.

PS – My collaboration partner, Claire Wolfson owns She recently made a great little course that shows you how she uses text marking to skyrocket her sales.

I bought it, and I highly recommend it.

You can get it here:

If you have questions, comment below and ask me!

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That’s it! It will be a fun adventure, all the way from 0 to $50K on Shopify!

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