Last week our Inner Circle member, Naomi, had a post on Facebook that was shared more than 800 times. And it had a ton of “likes” and comments.

Naomi asked me how she could take advantage of the great feedback she got from the post, so I made a quick video.

We often talk about paying attention to what works and finding a way to amplify it.

This situation is a perfect way to do more of what works and create an event that will get Naomi some sales.

Watch this 6-minute video I made for Naomi. It’s a strategy that you can use too!

Learn how she can:

  • Turn the interest in this topic into a giant List Builder
  • How she can build even more excitement and engagement by staying on topic
  • How she can create an event that gets sales now
  • And finally, how she can use scarcity in an email funnel designed to maximize her results.

Our Inner Circle members are the best!

I love helping them create businesses that are fun and pay them well!

We’ll be accepting new members soon, so if you’re ready to build the business of your dreams, get an invitation when we open.

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