Meet Jessica.

She has a full time job, 2 kids, 2 contract jobs, and she just launched an online store.
She doesn’t have time to go searching for solutions. She wanted to get results fast.

Jessica launched her new business, used the training, and booked some 1:1 coaching calls.

Jessica followed the steps from the Inner Circle, and she implemented, she knew that “done is better than perfect”.

After she launched, she got feedback on her work by posting her questions in the Inner Circle Facebook Group. She started building her Audience, driving traffic to her site, and growing her email list.

And here’s what happened:
    – She got her first 50 orders within 60 days of launching

    – Within 90 days of launching she now has sales of $1000/week.

Listen in as Jessica shares how she was able to focus on the work that actually brings in sales.

Find Jessica’s site here:

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You should focus on this one thing for long term growth. Episode 178

You should focus on this one thing for long term growth. Episode 178

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