Last week, Lola posted this in our Members only Group:

“I crushed my March sales goal finishing with a 69% increase in sales from the previous year in March! An even bigger win? I’m seeing the potential for an additional career path if I don’t want to work in the chair all day as a side gig until I reach my sales goal.”

And when I saw her post, I knew I had to get her to share, because I know that a few short months ago she was ready to pack it in.

Turns out, Lola had a breakthrough after a Planning Session a few months back where we did a deep dive into the new “Plan your Year” lesson in Conversion School.

If you’re a Member of the Inner Circle, you can find it here.

Lola tells me the lesson completely shifted her mindset, and the way she was thinking.

Instead of thinking:

“What am I doing wrong?”

She started tracking her numbers and asking herself:

“What work should I do to change this number?”

Fast forward a few months, and Lola’s no longer worried about sales. Instead, she’s Crushing her Goals.

Watch the full interview here to hear what Lola focused on, and how she created a no fail plan.


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