The goal was to grow my list by 2000 leads. A big, fat goal for the month of September!

I’ve been selling the same box of socks for 10 months now. We’re finally receiving socks for people who have 4 new breeds.

I’m getting ready for the 4th quarter by building a list of people who should be interested in buying our new socks.

Listen in and see how I did it, what it cost, and how I’m feeling about our results.


The $500/hour job you’re not doing. Episode 110

The $500/hour job you’re not doing. Episode 110

What? There’s a job in my business that’s worth $500/hour?Yes, there really is, and in this episode I’m talking about that mega high value work.My Inner Circle Members talk often about how they are stuck doing the $15/hour work, but what about the high value work?The...