Our Inner Circle member Therese is super frustrated because she’s worked hard to get her site set up and ready for customers.

And she has it all going on.

Take a look:

She has beautiful, compelling images, she’s good at copy, and her products are stunning and highly desirable. And she has a long history of success on Etsy.

Even though she’s doing a ton right, the cash register on her site isn’t ringing.

Maybe you can relate.

But there’s good news. Therese’s situation is totally fix-able. She’s on the right track.
There are just a few things she needs to do consistently and she’ll be on her way to the success she’s worked hard for.

Watch this 20 minute video case study and see:

  1. Exactly what Therese is doing REALLY well
  2. What she can do to amplify the things that are working and get more results
  3. The one piece of the puzzle she’s missing

Members of the Inner Circle have the opportunity to have Susan review their website and provide them with three actionable steps to get more website traffic.

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