A tip you can implement to get more sales today

A tip you can implement to get more sales today

Last week our super smart Inner Circle member Allie, posted about her success with a little sales event.

It was so easy, so un-fussy, and so smart, I had to share it with you.

Watch this 3 minute video and you’ll see how you can use this strategy to:

—> Growing your engagement

—> Getting sales today

—> Getting new customers

—> Growing your email list

Find Top Fans by:

  1. Create the post
  2. Before you publish, use the dropdown menu (Public)
  3. Select Top Fans

Want to see who your Top Fans are?

On the sidebar of your Business Page, click on Community. A window will open up, and you’ll see the profiles of your Top Fans. They change weekly!

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How Renee got 5x more clicks with some easy changes

How Renee got 5x more clicks with some easy changes


Sometimes as shop owners, we get too close to our product and forget what we’re selling.

We get lost in the weeds and start highlighting product features that are obvious or insignificant to the consumer. It usually becomes something that doesn’t stand out or fails to grab their attention.

This is where many people struggle in their ad copy and it needs to be simplified. We need to remember that what we’re selling is not a product, but we’re actually selling a message, a benefit, and a result!

In the video below, watch as we take a look at one of our Inner Circle member’s ad copy, and how we helped her significantly reduce her cost per clicks and drive more effective traffic to her site with visible results in under a week!


How to Edit Ad Copy the Easy Way

How to Edit Ad Copy the Easy Way


Have you ever had an Ad that had great social proof? Meaning, it was getting lots of comments, likes, shares, and clicks from users. Social proof is a great way to gain credibility and trust and is usually very high for winning Ads. For example, an Ad with thousands of likes and comments is more likely to draw someone’s attention than an Ad with minimal engagement.

But have you ever wanted to tweak the copy text on the Ad and noticed that the edit button is greyed out and uneditable? Facebook has a rule that will not allow the text copy to be changed on a post that has ads running against them – whether they’re active or not active. So how are people able to change up the text on an Ad and keep the post’s credibility without losing momentum and having to create a brand new ad? The trick is to temporarily point those ads to another post!

Watch this quick and easy trick you can use so you can edit your Ad copy without losing the social proof.




Turning an email promo flop into a win.

Turning an email promo flop into a win.

One of our Inner Circle members had a disappointing result from an email campaign. She got a few sales, but nobody took advantage of her promotion.

It reminded me that while we’re head’s down, building our Brands, and trying to establish our reputations., our audience is mostly interested in products that fill their needs. And they want to buy when it works for them, with as few barriers as possible.

So while it can be deflating to be ignored, it can actually be a good thing sometimes.

Watch and see why I know this, and how you can turn it to your advantage and make the best choices for your business.

The Fastest Way to increase your Average Order Value

The Fastest Way to increase your Average Order Value


In our Reliable Revenue program, we focus on improving the metrics we can control, and average order value (AOV) is a big one.

Think about it for a minute. Say your average order value is $40. And you get 500 orders each month. If you can increase your average order value to $42, you can increase your sales by $1000 each month without having to find any new customers.

One of our reliable Revenue Members, Kristina, asked a great question in my Office hours session last week.

Watch and See:

  • What she’s tried and what didn’t work
  • The secret to getting more people to take the offer (hint: it’s about the product)
  • Ways we can use in-cart upsells to sell products that don’t need inventory
The Secret to Conversion in Less than 10 Minutes

The Secret to Conversion in Less than 10 Minutes

What if I told you that you could unlock some key information about your website visitors from Google Analytics in just 7 Clicks? Information so critical that you could use it to ramp up your sales without spending more money on ads.

This Google Analytics report is easy, AND it can really tell you something about new and returning customers that you probably didn’t know before.

The best part? You don’t need to be an expert analyst or a big number cruncher. Why should we complicate things when they’re simple and easy?

In 7 easy clicks, I’ll show you:

  • A simple report that reveals data about New and Returning visitors
  • Why it’s super important (and most people don’t even know this)
  • Ideas on how you can amplify sales by focusing on particular groups of visitors

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