How Rebecca found her best source of sales (you can do this too)

How Rebecca found her best source of sales (you can do this too)


Meet Rebecca, our Inner Circle Member from Australia. She’s this month’s 15-minute Feedback celebrity guest!

Rebecca applied for 15-minute Feedback because she’s been driving traffic to her site, Traffic Bootcamp style, for a few months. And she feels a little stuck. Despite running really solid tests, her cost per click is still hovering around $1.00.

How can she get cheaper traffic?

We took a deep dive into her business, and came up with a strategy that should get her more clicks for her money!

But we didn’t stop there.

Watch and learn:

  • How Rebecca can find the “right” people and lower her cost per web visit.
  • How to know what’s causing your low conversion rate.
  • Her very best source of sales. You can find yours too.
Jessica wants to pay herself $2,000/mo. Here’s how it can be done!

Jessica wants to pay herself $2,000/mo. Here’s how it can be done!


One of our Inner Circle members, Jessica Ays, owns the shop

She has the goal to start paying herself $2,000/mo and draw a regular income for all her work.

While she feels that she’s making an hourly rate for her time spent knitting, she’s not coming close to making enough for all the time invested in her business.

This is common for shop owners who are deep in the trenches of making their product.

In the video below, I’ll talk about some actionable steps to take such as:

  • How to get an immediate sales and traffic lift by spending $1/day
  • How she can make MORE sales and profit by adjusting her pricing structure
  • The one immediate step that will give her more time to get that paycheck!
Want to Double Your Web Traffic?

Want to Double Your Web Traffic?


Our Inner Circle Member, Kelly, has a cool little Shopify store called

She’s doing a lot of things right. Her site looks great, she knows her numbers, and she has a small but mighty base of loyal customers.

But here’s the thing: Her sales are about $2,000 – $3,000 a month, and while that pays the bills, it doesn’t pay her well.

And her dream is to give up her day job and work her business full time!

In this episode of 15-Minute Feedback, Kelly and I make a plan for her to start getting more sales now.

Watch and see how she’s going to:

  • Implement one strategy that will get her more sales right away! (you can do this too)
  • Focus on this One Thing that will set her up for long term success ( I gave her a challenge)
  • Implement a plan that will double her monthly traffic

15-Minute Feedback is a professional review for online stores who are running into obstacles. It’s an exclusive benefit of being a member of The Inner Circle.
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Is it time for your business to pivot? A 15 minute feedback session.

Is it time for your business to pivot? A 15 minute feedback session.


Byron Francis is an amazing guy with a mission.

He’s the founder of, a non profit that helps under represented teens have a study abroad experience.

World Smart relies on grants to fund their projects. Recently, Byron started a Print-on-Demand T-Shirt shop to bring more income into World Smart, so that they can help more kids.

Byron volunteered for 15-Minute Feedback because he hasn’t been able to find a good target for his Facebook ads.

Once we got talking, we realized that targeting isn’t really the problem. Byron hasn’t sold many T Shirts, because he hasn’t been able to find his ideal customer.

Listen in to our conversation and see:

  • Why I think Byron should Pivot now.
  • How he can find his ideal client by changing his messaging
  • The 3 things he can do to get the ball rolling

Lastly, see why I think this project is so important that I’m putting my money where my mouth is and will support it financially.

Cheap clicks but no sales?

Cheap clicks but no sales?

Today we’re here with one of our Inner Circle members who’s in the hot seat for a 15 Minute Feedback. This is where one of our members gets chosen to ask one burning question and we’ll tell them what we think.

This also helps members get passed obstacles that may be a thorn in their side.

Joanne has a women’s fashion business, Steel Pony, with a retail brick and mortar presence in Philadelphia in addition to her e-commerce store.

Online is really where she’d like to flourish. She’s facing some challenges with Facebook ads in regards to generating sales.

One thing we stress is that our goal from ads is not necessarily to chase immediate sales, which is very risky, but drive quality traffic to our website the first time and put them on the path to conversion.

I see it a lot where people are getting low-cost clicks, but not getting sales as a result. My first question is asking if the messaging is right, and is it for the right people.

In the video below, we take a lot at Joanne’s Facebook Ad results using a custom report we use for our testing methodology called “Traffic Bootcamp”. We also dig into her Google Analytics to read what the traffic data is telling us about the visitors from her Facebook ads.

Exploring the details of her typical customer, we try to figure out who she should narrow her focus on. We also identify some of her best moving products that stand out from the rest. With these piece of information, we want to combine that demographic with that winning product to retest new audiences and drive the right traffic to her site.

Here’s how one thing can change EVERYTHING

Here’s how one thing can change EVERYTHING

Milissa is super active and a great cheerleader in our Inner Circle group. So when it was time to ask a member to help me with 15 minute feedback, she was top on my list.

You see, Milissa has lots of success selling her products in person at events like the Pittsburgh Marathon. She is successful, but she hasn’t been able to repeat that same success online.

Her website, Brag Swag is a ghost town, and even though she has engaged Facebook and Insta profiles, she almost never gets sales online.

Watch this episode of 15 Minute Feedback and find out:

  1. Why Milissa hasn’t been able to recreate her offline success on her website
  2. The one thing she needs to do that will change everything
  3. Her first action steps for 2019

Remember, 15 Minute feedback is open to all members of the Inner Circle.

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