When I started this Journey on the Roadmap to $50K, I envisioned this perfect path I would follow.
I even broke it down into a success path so that people could see the progress we made at each stage.

It goes like this:

I think we did a great job with the foundation Blueprint. We walked you through the early stages

  • How to choose a product that will support a profitable business
  • Product sourcing (importing)
  • Samples
  • Building a Social Media Following

All of this leads up to our Proof of Concept Event, and a wrap up of our Foundation Blueprint.

I was ready to tell you all about the wrap up and talk about my next steps, and then; one little mistake.

A mistake that put an end to my launch plan.

Here’s what happened:

We made one product live to test the cart. We placed an order, and then we set the product back to “not available”

We did not use the test mode. And that was the little mistake that derailed my launch.

You see, we had set up the Klaviyo Back in stock flows on our products.

And I’d been driving traffic to the products, all through the month, as we worked through Traffic Bootcamp in the Inner Circle.

And, because I was sending the right traffic (yay, Traffic Bootcamp) people were signing up to be notified as soon as the product was in stock.

So, when we made that one product live, for just a few minutes, we inadvertently triggered a bunch of emails to people in the Back in Stock flow.

And before you know it, we were getting messages from people who were trying to buy.

Even though I question my sanity all the time, I’m not crazy enough to turn down sales.

So I made the decision to pull the plug on the launch plan, and go live.

And, the good news is, some people got out their credit cards, and bought some socks.

Even though it wasn’t the launch I had envisioned, we got sales.

You would have died laughing if you had seen my face the first time my Shopify app made that cash register “ding”. You might have thought I won the Lotto.

Thank you Madison R xoxo

So here’s the genius lesson:

Even though I talk about building a list of people who are waiting for your products ALL THE TIME, I actually never thought about using the Back in Stock flow for this.

—> If you don’t have Klaviyo, you can get an app that does the same thing as Klaviyo Back in Stock Flows.

And that got me thinking. Could I do this again?

Could I do it with products I’m just thinking about creating?

Of course, I could! So I am. Stay tuned. I think this is a genius way of hedging our bets, and getting the information we need to make good decisions about products, PLUS, we can get some sales.

What’s up next?

Look out for a report on my first month in business. What I did, the sales we got, and what it cost me.

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That’s it! It will be a fun adventure, all the way from 0 to $50K on Shopify!

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