I’m sharing my 2020 results at Sock Doggo, but what’s more important, I’ll tell you what I did to get them.

It’s interesting, because when I break it down, it boils down to 4 things, and I’ll give you the details, so you can take away what might apply to your business.

Sales as of December 31st are $25,661.

Here’s how it breaks down:


1) Email 32% of sales  

19% of my sales were from weekly campaigns. In full disclosure, I was not consistent, and did not send emails every week. I know this is an activity that I need to make a part of my routine every single week. 

13% of my sales were from automated flows. I have a New Lead and Welcome flow, a Browse Abandonment flow, a Back in Stock flow, and an Abandoned Cart flow. I actually did not have my flows turned on all year, and I believe there is an opportunity to grow these sales.

The Gold:

My New Lead and Welcome flow contributed 8.5% of my sales. This is important because it’s automated, so you set it up, and it works in the background.

So if you only do one thing, set up your New Lead and Welcome flow.

Inner Circle Members, find full instructions in Conversion School


2) People on my list from Giveaways placed 18% of all orders.

I’ve collected a total of 9000 names, and approximately 7000 are still active profiles.

6,963 of these names came from Giveaways.

1.1% is the conversion rate of this list. 112 orders have come from people who entered a Giveaway, and the leads are affordable.

Check out this podcast, to see how Sacha used the Perfect Giveaway to get 691 leads for $68.

The Gold:

When I took a closer look, the real winner was my Giveaway website popup. We ran this for about 6 weeks in Jan/Feb of 2020 and got 173 names. Over the year, 19 of these people actually placed an order. That’s a 10.9% conversion rate.

So, if you sell a higher priced product, or you’re struggling to get leads, try a giveaway popup connected to your welcome funnel.


3) Wholesale sales from Collaborations: 28% of total sales

The big benefit to collaborating with other businesses is that I was able to get  my products in front of the perfect audience without spending cash.

So, if this sounds like a plan, start building relationships with other shop owners, and consider doing a Partnered Giveaway.
Members: find the training to execute this perfectly in the Inner Circle Classroom.


4) Sales of $8K are attributed to ads over 2 gift buying campaigns. 

I’ve done a lot of advertising for traffic and I like to think about it like rent. It’s the cost of getting people to visit my shop, but it doesn’t get me a lot of sales

And my feeling is that there are 2 times you should advertise for sales:

→  When you’ve done all the things and you already have traffic sales, and an audience, or;
→  If there’s a season for you products when demand is much higher than throughout the rest of the year.

My product is proving to be a gift. So, I advertised for a sale on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Shopping

I spent $4,676 from October through December 2020. It’s important to realize that the sales that are attributed to the ads may also have been as a result of other activity, like email. While I think that these results are “ok”, I think it’s the strategy that is least likely to scale, and the risk of losing money is high.

The Gold:

By far my best result was Google Shopping in the month of December. I spent $483 and had sales of $1,252.

Watch here to get all the details and see the one ad image and copy that performed best. It’s a shocker.


If you have questions, comment below and ask me!

So, here’s what I need you to do next.

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That’s it! It will be a fun adventure, all the way from 0 to $50K on Shopify!

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