Here’s how one thing can change EVERYTHING

Here’s how one thing can change EVERYTHING

Milissa is super active and a great cheerleader in our Inner Circle group. So when it was time to ask a member to help me with 15 minute feedback, she was top on my list.

You see, Milissa has lots of success selling her products in person at events like the Pittsburgh Marathon. She is successful, but she hasn’t been able to repeat that same success online.

Her website, Brag Swag is a ghost town, and even though she has engaged Facebook and Insta profiles, she almost never gets sales online.

Watch this episode of 15 Minute Feedback and find out:

  1. Why Milissa hasn’t been able to recreate her offline success on her website
  2. The one thing she needs to do that will change everything
  3. Her first action steps for 2019

Remember, 15 Minute feedback is open to all members of the Inner Circle.

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Running ads? Here’s one thing you’ll want to do.

Running ads? Here’s one thing you’ll want to do.

Last week a member of our Inner Circle posted a great question.

It’s a nasty little thing that happens to all of us who run ads, and most of us don’t even know it’s happening.

It’s kind of like when you have something stuck in your teeth and nobody tells you.

Wonder what I’m talking about?

Here’s the post:

“Help please! How can I find comments on an ad? I had a woman last night leave an awful comment on a FB post I turned into an ad and removed it, but it still shows there are two comments I cannot see from my FB page.”

Brianna’s not alone, this happens to all of us at some time or another.

There’s a simple solution, and because Brianna is an Inner Circle Member, I made her a little video so she can get that cleaned up and prevent it from happening again.

So, Brianna, here’s what you do:

  1. Don’t let negative people shake your confidence. Hide their comments.
  2. Watch the video below, and fix it fast!
  3. Use this little trick to check your ads every few days.

Our Inner Circle Members have a plan to follow so that they can grow their Shopify stores into the business that they’ve been dreaming about.

They join us because the training really works, and the strategies are the same ones that I’ve used to grow my successful business on Shopify.

They come for the training, but they stay for the Community.

It’s a safe place full of Shopify merchants building the business of their dreams.

If you’d like an invitation when we open the doors next, simply click here and we’ll make sure you get one.

December 2018 Reliable Revenue Calendar

December 2018 Reliable Revenue Calendar

It’s the last month of 2018, so let’s keep up the momentum and carry it into the new year! Here’s what we have planned in Reliable Revenue this month to make 2019 your best year yet:

🤓 Lesson 3 will be in your classroom on Monday, December 3rd

Live Lesson: 12pm – 12:30pm ET (Note: New time)
Q+A: 12:30pm – 1:00pm ET
Planning Session: 1:00pm – 1:30pm ET

🆘 Office Hours:

December 5th from 4pm-5:30pm ET with Susan Bradley
December 5th from 9pm-10:30pm ET with Claudia Howard

📚 Implementation Session with Jasmine Grindle:

December 10th at 1pm – 2:30 pm ET

December 2018 Inner Circle Schedule

December 2018 Inner Circle Schedule

Can you believe it’s December?

This month in the Inner Circle, we’ll be focusing on planning for 2019. Here’s what’s happening this month:

Walk-in Clinic at 5pm (Susan + Sarah)

Monday, December 17th

Do you need a little extra help? This is your chance to get all of your questions answered. Join us live in the Inner Circle Facebook Group so that we can get you the help you need. If you can’t join us live, post your questions in the Inner Circle Facebook Group using hashtag #walkinclinic, or send us an email. We’ll make sure you get your answer.

Live Planning Session at 1pm (Jasmine + Susan)

Wednesday, December 19th

Want 2019 to be your best sales year ever? Join us for this planning session to kick off 2019 right!
For this Live Planning Session, you will need a mic and speakers. Video is optional.