She gets a paycheck. How Anna Aliza turned her hobby into a real business.

She gets a paycheck. How Anna Aliza turned her hobby into a real business.

Are you itching to get a real paycheck from your business?

Maybe you work full time, and you’d love to give up your day job, and have the time you need to create the business of your dreams.

Well, 2 years ago, That was exactly where Anna-Aliza was.

In fact, she gave up her job and went full time at her hair accessory business before she was making enough to replace her income.

Yikes. Sounds scary, but she had a plan.

Anna–Aliza joined the Inner Circle and started implementing the program.

Spoiler – today she gets a full-time paycheck from her business.

Watch her Case Study ( 13 minutes) and learn:

  • What she did to lay the foundation for her success
  • How she changed what she was doing on Social Media to get big results
  • Her pretty amazing goal for 2019
  • The one thing that contributed the most to her success.

15 Minute Feedback Featuring: Haha No Yume

15 Minute Feedback Featuring: Haha No Yume

Majorie sells adorable kimonos for babies and toddlers. She has some of the very best lifestyle images I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’d say that her images scream “buy me”.

A quick look at Majorie’s stats in Google Analytics tells us that the user experience on her site is pretty good. She’s got decent traffic, and people visit several pages on her site.

On the surface, everything looks great, but the reality is that there’s a conversion problem.

Despite her solid traffic, and her decent stats, Majorie’s conversion rate is well below 1%, and she’s frustrated.

Watch the video and see:

  • The two Google Analytics reports you need to watch when you want more conversions.
  • How to find the low hanging fruit – the people that are ripe and ready to convert
  • How to up your lead generation skills – without spending a dime.
  • The fastest way to increase conversion – and it’s free.

Members of the Inner Circle have the opportunity to have Susan review their website and provide them with three actionable steps to get more website traffic.

Interested in learning more about the Inner Circle? Click here.

August 2018 Inner Circle Schedule

August 2018 Inner Circle Schedule

As Susan would say, we survived another ‘J’ month – so join me in celebrating the arrival of August! 🕺💃 🎉 Here’s what’s happening in The Inner Circle this month.

August 1st (1pm EDT) – Live Planning Session with Susan and Jasmine

Come prepared to get yourself set up for more sales in August!
For this Live Planning Session you will need a mic and speakers. Video is optional.
This session will be recorded, and will be in the Classroom, Level 4

🚦August 20th (1pm EDT) – Traffic Bootcamp Session 1

Join us live in the Shopify Traffic Academy Facebook Group for our first Traffic Bootcamp Lesson!


🚦August 23rd (1pm EDT) – Traffic Bootcamp Session 2

Learn how to evaluate your progress and determine what to do next.


🚦August 27th (1pm EDT) – Traffic Bootcamp Session 3

Join us for the second live Traffic Bootcamp Lesson!

🆘 August 27th (5pm EDT) – Live Walk-In Clinic Q+A

This is your chance to get all of your questions answered. Join us live in the Inner Circle Facebook Group so that you can get the help you need.
If you can’t join us live, post your questions in the Inner Circle Facebook Group using hashtag #walkinclinic, or send us an email. We’ll make sure you get your answer.


🚦August 30th (1pm EDT) – Traffic Bootcamp Session 4

How is your traffic coming along? Learn what you need to adjust so that you can keep moving the needle!

🚦September 4th (1pm EDT) – Traffic Bootcamp Session 5

Join us for the last day of Traffic Bootcamp! We will answer all of your final questions so that you can get on the right track, AND you will get a special tour of our new Conversion School. Yay!

We have a Facebook ad with a 44 x return on ad spend – take a look!

We have a Facebook ad with a 44 x return on ad spend – take a look!

It’s the Monday Morning Traffic Report!

And this week, I’m going to show you the Facebook ad that has an Return on Investment of 44 times ad spend – for the year!

I have to admit that my jaw dropped when I saw the numbers. I’ll bet that you’ll have a hard time guessing what it is.

Watch and find out – and then spend a few minutes setting it up for your site.