15 Minute Feedback Featuring: Catch the Fire

15 Minute Feedback Featuring: Catch the Fire

Members of the Inner Circle have the opportunity to have Susan review their website and provide them with three actionable steps to get more website traffic.

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This 15 Minute Feedback reviews Catch The Fire catchthefireworshipflags.com


How a 2 min video resulted in 937 web visits

How a 2 min video resulted in 937 web visits

This week, we finally had a big win, and an even bigger win.

It’s something everyone of us can do – even if you have a tiny audience.

Watch and find out:

  1. How we made a video that sent people running to our site
  2. What we did that got a sales increase of 114%
  3. How you can do something similar in 5 simple steps.

Find out how to sell more without ads

Find out how to sell more without ads

What if I told you you could grow your sales significantly without growing your ad spend?

In this Monday Morning Traffic Report, I’ll show you what we did that brought in the same sales as we got from a $335 Facebook ad spend.

And guess what? We didn’t spend a dime.

And, it isn’t hard – I’ll tell you how you can do it too.

The trick? Just watch and implement. If you have questions, ask in the comments below the post. I’m happy to help!

Did we finally get 5000 unique visitors last week? Details inside.

Did we finally get 5000 unique visitors last week? Details inside.

Are you wondering if we finally got 5000 unique visitors for Wee Squeak last week?

Watch the video, and you’ll find out:

  • Did we finally get the 5000 unique visits I’ve been chasing?
  • What we did that doubled our sales from Facebook ads this week.
  • My best advice on how you can set up a campaign that leads to conversion

Watch and see!

June 2018 Inner Circle Schedule

June 2018 Inner Circle Schedule

Ah, it’s finally JUNE! We have some brilliant live events this month in the Inner Circle.


June 1st

Final day to submit your application for 15 minute Feedback
If you applied in May, we’ll keep you on the list for June unless you let us know to take you off the list.

May’s 15 Minute Feedback is a wrap, and will be released next week!
Thank you to all that applied! It was so hard to choose. We’d love to get to everyone at some point.


June 4th (1pm EDT) – Live Sales Planning Session with Susan + Jasmine

This Live Planning Session is for anyone who is ready to take action and get some sales in June.
In the Session, we’ll walk you through 3 quick and easy actions you can take to get more sales now.
Then you’ll break into small groups and work together to nail down what will work best for your business.
You will need a mic and speakers for this interactive session. Video optional.
This session will be recorded, and will be in the Classroom, Level 4


June 11th (3pm EDT) – Live Pinterest Q+A with Jasmine

So many of you loved May’s Pinterest training with Jasmine, that we’re following up with a Q+A.
Jasmine would like you to submit questions before the session so she’s super prepared. We’ll also answer your questions live if you join us.
The session will be recorded and in the classroom as the final segment of the Pinterest Challenge.


June 27th (4pm EDT) – Live Walk in Clinic Q+A

This is your chance to get all of your questions answered live.
If you won’t be able to make it live, make sure you post your questions in the Inner Circle Private Facebook Group using hashtag #walkinclinic, or email us your questions at [email protected]