Majorie sells adorable kimonos for babies and toddlers. She has some of the very best lifestyle images I’ve ever seen. In fact, I’d say that her images scream “buy me”.

A quick look at Majorie’s stats in Google Analytics tells us that the user experience on her site is pretty good. She’s got decent traffic, and people visit several pages on her site.

On the surface, everything looks great, but the reality is that there’s a conversion problem.

Despite her solid traffic, and her decent stats, Majorie’s conversion rate is well below 1%, and she’s frustrated.

Watch the video and see:

  • The two Google Analytics reports you need to watch when you want more conversions.
  • How to find the low hanging fruit – the people that are ripe and ready to convert
  • How to up your lead generation skills – without spending a dime.
  • The fastest way to increase conversion – and it’s free.

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