A strategy to Supersize your Audience

Building a big, warm audience is crucial for online store owners like us.
In fact, it’s more important now than ever before.

As the online world becomes “cookie-less” we’ll be less able to rely on traditional retargeting.
It’s already happening on Socials Media, and 2023 will bring big changes for Google Ads.

But there’s good news for us.

We can use Social Media ads to build big warm audiences full of people that know our Brand and are interested in our products. It’s an Audience building strategy that all of us can use.

We teach this strategy inside of our Inner Circle.

And I’m making it available to you in Ads Made Easy. Join me for a whole week of coaching.
I’ll show you how to set up ads that will supersize your audience. You’ll leave knowing how to make ads that will grow your audience every single day. And you’ll do it using a tiny budget.

You can join us here, for only $15: https://classroom.thesocialsalesgirls.com/ads-made-easy-coaching-week

Even if you’ve tried ads before and felt like you were wasting money, I promise you.
Ads Made Easy is different.

It’s not hard. In fact, it’s simple, it’s repeatable, and you can do it using the content you’re already creating.

Invest a few weeks into building your audience. It’s the fastest, most affordable way to build a big warm audience.

You’ll see the benefits fast. When you retarget your audience with a call to action, they’ll be:

  • 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to click a link and visit your website
  • 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to enter your giveaway
  • 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to watch your videos
  • 2x more likely (than a cold audience) to become a buyer

…and, it will cost 20% – 50% less per click

Don’t wait. Get started on this important work this week. When you build your audience, you’ll set yourself up for long term success.

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